Articulated Aerial Work Platform - 1100

Aerial Work Platforms were developed for maintenance purpose. These platforms have both vertical height as well as horizontal outreach. Platforms are available from 9.5-meter working height to 42 meters working height. These platforms can be mounted on the 1-ton chassis to 25-ton chassis. All the platforms are made looking at the safety of the person. The platforms are designed as per EN280 standard. 3kV insulated bucket is provided for electrical maintenance purpose. Platforms are available in articulated, articulated cum telescopic and telescopic platform. In our equipment the bucket is close to the vehicle floor, hence the step in is easy and no sequence is required. Working Height: 11 meters Working Outreach: 4.5 meters Slewing range: 360 degrees Safe Working Loads: 200 kg for other models Cage Size: 1 X 1.06 X 0.77 meter Structure: Hexagonal Booms from High Tensile Steel Stabilisers: 2 Nos. / 4Nos. designed as per the vehicle. Bucket Levelling: Mechanical Levelling Controls: Dual Controls. Bucket as well as the base. Emergency Pump: Emergency hand pump is provided in case of power failure. FEATURES: 1) No Sequence required to operate the Boom. 2) Low Bucket Height. Direct Entry into the bucket. No operation required to enter into the bucket. 3) No Rotation unless and untill the platform is raised. To prevent boom from getting damaged 4) Light Weight Design.

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