Jetting Cum Suction Machine, CM-4000

The truck-mounted combined suction-cum-jetting unit is capable of desilting and de-choking civil/industrial drains and sewer lines of diameters 200 mm to 900 mm and more. De-choking and de-silting of the sewer and drain water lines and chambers will be carried out by the High-Pressure Jetting System working on the principle of hydrodynamic cleaning by injecting high-pressure water into the lines through a suitable dimension sewer jetting hose and special cleaning nozzles. Aspiration of the effluent from sewer and drain water lines and chambers will be carried out on the principle of generating a high vacuum in the sludge compartment for syphoning out effluents, liquids slurry, sludge and other materials from depths of about approximately 6 to 7 meters, depending on the specific gravity of the effluent. The equipment will extract the sludge and slurry under high vacuum through a suction hose connected to the tank by a quick release hose coupling. The contents of the sludge tank will then be transported to any desired destination for disposal and emptied by means of gravity/pressure discharge. SPECIFICATION: Vehicle: TATA, Ashok Leyland, Eicher 7 Tonner 3800 wheelbase GVW: 7 Tonner Wheelbase: 3800 mm Total Tank Capacity: 4000 Litre Fresh Water Tank: 2000 Litre Sludge Tank: 2000 Litre Material: 5mm Thick M.S material. Tank Tipping: Hydraulic PTO: Heavy duty full torque PTO. Jetting Pump: Triplex plunger pump, Imported make. Capacity: Flow rate 137 LPM and pressure up to 140 bar Jetting Hose: POLYHOSE or equivalent, special high-pressure Sewer Jetting Hose. Hose I.D.: 19.7 mm Length: 60 meters Hose Reel: The hose reel is designed to hold 120 meters long hose. The reel is driven by hydraulic power in both directions. Washing hose: Polyhose or equivalent make 12.7mm I.D X 10 meters long washing hose is provided. Handgun: Imported make spray gun, which can withstand the pressure up to 300 bar. It is very useful for cleaning equipment /container cleaning and also useful for cleaning of toilets/roads/street areas etc. Suction Filter: Y-type suction filter. Nozzle: • Bullet nose with front and rear jets-1 no • Bullet nose with rear jets -1 no Accessories and Safety Device: • Heavy duty glycerin field 100mm dial pressure gauge • Flexible water level indicator • Audio / visual type water level alarm • Spring loaded adjustable pressure relief valve Suction Unit Vacuum Pump: Imported make rotary vane pump Capacity: 492 cum/hr Suction Hose: Heavy duty PVC suction hose. Size: 100 mm diameter X 15 meters Discharge Valve: 100 mm Ball Valve. Rear Door: Spunned dish end with a knuckle radius hydraulically operated rear door for cleaning purpose having an airtight heavy-duty rubber gasket. Primary shut off Valve: It is provided inside the tank body to prevent the water entering into the vacuum pump due to overflowing of the tank. Secondary Shutoff Valve: It is provided to the inlet of the suction pump to prevent water /slurry entering into the pump. Quick Coupling: Imported Make of sufficient diameter to connect the hose. Compound Gauge: 100 mm dial gauge, pressure range from0-4 kg/cm2, vacuum range from 0-760 mm of HG. Hydraulic System: Power required for the hydro motor for winding and unwinding of hose reel and tipping of tank is taken from vehicle’s engine via a hydraulic pump. Paint: 2 Coats of Epoxy paint 2 Coats of PU paint

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