‘JETMAN’ High-Pressu

Jetting Machine JM-4000

‘JETMAN’ High-Pressure Sewer Jetting Machine suitable for effective and efficient cleaning of chocked underground drainage/sewage lines. It is capable of cleaning chocked drainage/sewage lines ranging from 50mm dia to 900mm dia and more. The operation is carried out by a specially designed nozzle which delivers high-pressure water into the sewage/drainage lines. It is developed on HCV / LCV /MINI Truck, Trailer Chassis & 3 Wheeler Chassis depending upon the tank and pump capacity. Apart from specific Jetting Operation, this Multipurpose Machine can be used for Cleaning of Toilet Blocks, Foot Paths, Cleaning / Servicing of Vehicles and also to extinguish a small fire and to spray pesticide. __Working__ High pressure jetting is the preferred method of re-establishing water flow. It not only removes blockage but also washes away all debris found within the pipe. The high-pressure water jet is faster and less labour-intensive than the use of a mechanical rodding or cable machines. High pressure jetting units maintain constant working pressure and cleaning power at the nozzle end while mechanical machines will lose cutting and torque power as rod or cable distances increase within pipelines from the point of entry. High pressure jetting has another advantage over cable or rodding machines. Where access is difficult, a lightweight, flexible jet hose is a safer and more practical solution. Pipelines that are suspended from ceilings or catwalks are easily cleaned using a high-pressure jetting hose rather than a heavy, cumbersome mechanical drain cleaning machine. Cleaning vertical stacks or vents is easier with a high pressure jetting unit and lightweight jetting hose than with heavy drain cleaning cables or rods. Specification Vehicle: 7 Tonner Vehicle, 3800 wheelbase Pump: Imported Italian make. Triplex plunger pump. Capacity 100 LPM @ 120 bar. Tank Capacity: 4000 Litres. Tank Details: 5 mm Thick M.S rectangular embossed tank. • Tank is provided with anti surged baffle plates. • Level Indicator is located at operators station. • The tank is incorporated with cleanout valve. • The tank is incorporated suction line strainer including a removable strainer. • The tank is equipped with a ladder for accessibility to the tank top. • Single manhole on the top of the tank is provided with suitable cover. • The tank will be mounted in such a way that any point of time load will be distributed uniformly on chassis. Power Take Off: Heavy duty full torque center PTO between the vehicle engine and differential. Jetting Hose: A special high-pressure sewer hose with 19.05mm bore to withstand a working pressure of 170 bar and bursting pressure of 431 bar suitably braided to be supplied in a single length of 60 meters with end coupling to suit a variety of nozzles. Nozzle: Two type of standard nozzles to be supplied 1. Bullet nosed with rearward facing angled jets to give self-propulsion for general purpose cleaning. 2. As above but with an additional forward facing jet fan for blockage cleaning. Hose Reel: • The hose reel is designed to hold 60 meters long hose. The reel is driven by hydraulic power in both directions. • The high-pressure water from the pump is supplied to the hose reel through high quality rotating joint. The hose reel is sufficiently strong to take up the winding and unwinding of the high-pressure hose at the full pressure and under the pulling tension caused by the jet and friction in the sewage line. • The matching of the winding and unwinding operation and hose reel movement to be obtained by chain and sprocket drive operated by a hydraulic motor suitably tensioning arrangement to be provided to take up the wear and tear of the chain sprocket drive. Washing Hose: ‘Imported’ make spray gun having a rotating nozzle which can withstand the pressure up to 300 BAR. It is very useful for cleaning surrounding of drainage, hose cleaning equipment/container cleaning and also useful for cleaning toilets/roads/street etc. A 12.7 mm dia and 10 meters long hose are provided with a handgun. Instruments and Controls: Control panel will be provided with the following equipment • Pressure gauge • Operating controls for jetting hose • Operating controls for washing line • Operating controls for hose reel rotation • Water level indicator Paint: • Epoxy Paint inside the Tank. • Two coats of epoxy paint. • Two coats of PU paint.

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