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Maniar & Co is a famous and well renowned manufacturer of Truck Mounted Suction In Ahmedabad, Truck Mounted Suction In Gujarat, Truck Mounted Suction In India, Truck Mounted Suction In World, Road Sweepers In Ahmedabad, Road Sweepers In Gujarat, Road Sweepers In India, Road Sweepers In World, Aerial Work Platform In Ahmedabad, Aerial work Platform In Gujarat, Aerial Work Platform In India, Solid Waste Equipments In Ahmedabad, Solid Waste Equipments In Gujarat, Solid Waste Equipments In India, Solid Waste Equipments In World, Liquid Waste Equipments In Ahmedabad, Liquid Waste Equipments In Gujarat, Liquid Waste Equipments In India, Liquid Waste Equipments In World.
Maniar & co. manufactures different kinds of equipment in the different categories as follows : Solid Waste Equipments in ahmedababd Liquid Waste Equipments in gujarat Fire Equipments in india Special Purpose Equipments in gujarat Loaders manufacturer in india Multi Trailers manufacturer Recovery Vehicles manufacturer People Lifting Equipment in india Scissor Lifts supplier Aerial Lifts manufaturer Container Lifting Machines Container Carrier supplier Skip Loader manufacturer Cesspit Emptier supplier Litter Collector Street Sweeper Jetting cum suction Machine
Maniar is the Leading name in Solid Waste Handling Equipment and Liquid Waste Handling Equipment. Maniar is also the Largest Manufacturer of Aerial Work Platform and Cranes. The below attached photo is of High Pressure Jetting Machine mounted on Tata-909. It is mounted with High Pressure Hand Triggered Nozzle to clean the Electric Poles. Our different range of products * Solid Waste Handling Equipment > Hydraulic Tipper > Hydraulic High Rise Tipper ( Hopper ) > Skip Lifter ( Dumper Placer ) > Container Carrier *Liquid Waste Handling Equipment > High Pressure Jetting Machine > Suction Machine > High Pressure Jetting cum Suction Machine > Super Sucker > Manhole Cleaning Machine ( D'silting Machine ) > Water Recycler * Sky Lift / Aerial Work Platform / Cherry Picker / Boom Lift / Hydraulic Access Platform / Access Platform / Man Lift > Articulated Access Platform > Telescopic Access Platform > Articulated cum Telescopic Access Platform > Self Propelled Access Platform ( Scissor , Boom Lift , Spider Lift ) *Cranes > Straight Boom Cranes > Knuckle Boom Cranes * Miscellaneous Equipment > Tail Lift ( Carcass Van , Animal Lifting Vehicle) > Water Tanker ( Sprinklers) > Vehicle Towing For more information please visit our website Email us @ Follow us at Facebook
Maniar is the leading Manufacturer of Solid and Liquid Waste Handling Equipments, Cranes and the largest producer of Aerial Work Platform. Our Range of Products, Solid Waste Equipments: Hopper, Tippers, Skip Lifter, Container Carrier, Compactors. Liquid Waste Handling Equipments. Jetting Machine, Suction Machine, D'silting Machine, Super Sucker. Cranes. Knuckle Boom Cranes, Straight boom Cranes Hydraulic Access Platform. Articulated Sky lift, Articulated cum Telescopic, Telescopic Cherry Picker. The below photo is of a Super sucker built on a TATA-909. For more details on the product, please visit our website or email us at give us a call @ +91-79-22911636
Maniar & Company is the best hub for road sweeper machine and tractors particularly focussing on different types of machinery equipments and road sweeping machine along with aerial platforms, solid waste mangement equipments , liquid waste equipments, truck mounted suction, aerial work platform, all types of tractors and heavy machinery vehicles particularly based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india. visit us at :
Maniar And Co. is Very Well Known Manufacturer and Exporter of Waste Handling Equipments, Hydraulics Access Platform, Mobile Cranes . MANIAR, leading name in utility material handling equipments since 1946.
A very compact Aerial Work Platform, manufactured by Maniar. Maniar is the largest Manufacturer of Man Lift in India. We also deal in Solid and Liquid Waste Handling Equipments & Cranes. We have got variety of models in Cherry Picker 1) Articulated Type 2) Telescopic 3) Articulated cum Telescopic We have a range from 9 meters to 65 meters of working height. We also deal in Self Propelled Sky Lifts, Boom Lift & Scissor Lift. Over Equipments follow all the safety norms as per the European Norms BS-EN-280. The Hydraulic Access Platform can be used for 1) Building and Maintenance 2) Electric and Overhead Mentance 3) Rescue etc. Please Visit our Website email us at Call us +91-79-22911636
We are the leading manufacturer of solid and liquid waste handling equipments, aerial work platform and cranes. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Straight Boom Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes are one of the hot cake items. India is growing market and the demands for crane have been increasing. Maniar is the Leading Manufacturer of Solid & Liquid Waste Handling Equipments, Cranes and Largest Producer of Aerial Work Platform in India. Different models are available 1) Articulated Man Lift ( Sky Lift) - 9.5 meters to 15 meters 2) Telescopic Hydraulic Access Platform ( Cherry Picker) - 15 meters to 65 meters. 3) Articulated cum Telescopic - 15 meters to 20 meters For More details visit our website- email us at Call us - +91-79-22911636