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Maniar & Co. designed Dumper Placer System is mounted on LCV, MCV and HCV Truck Chassis and depending upon the container capacity. It is meant for all small or big Municipalities, specially for populated areas. We are leading manufacturer of DUMPER PLACER in India. Salient Features The garbage / refuse is directly collected into the containers which are placed at the various collection points in the busiest and most thickly populated areas of the city. The System with the loaded container is transported to the dumping site and the same is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load. The available suitable container capacity is of 7.0 m3 5.0 m3. m3, 3.5 m3, 2.5 m3. And 1.5 m3. It is available in single and twin bin system. Also we can manufacturer as per your requirement & design. Advantages It is a unique, highly productive, easy operation and low maintenance, hygienic system to help in keeping a city clean. It is an effective and flexible method of handling debris/garbage/refuse and discarded building materials. It is simple, easy and convenient to operate. For more you can visit :
Water Sprinkling system developed on Eicher 50.16. With SS tank and high pressure jetting pump. Pratisolli/udor make high pressure jetting pump. Maniar is the leading manufacturer of Solid Waste Handling Equipment, Liquid Waste Handling equipment, Skylifts / Aerial Work Platform / Hydraulic Access Platform / Manlift.
Gullypit Emptier / Vacuum suction machine with high flow jetting system having 8000 liter tank capacity developed on Ashok Leyland 1616 chassis. The units are supplied Kolkatta municipal corporation for cleaning of underground drainage.
MANIAR Water Sprinkler developed on Eicher 5016. Made from Stainless Steel 304. 9000 Litre Capacity. Elliptical Design for low Centre of Gravity. High Pressure Sprinkling System - 60 lpm @ 120 bar Controls from Drivers Cabin. Can also be developed on Ashok Leyland, Tata, Mahindra.
Maniar Garbage Compactor / Refuse Compactor, 5.5 cubic meter capacity with 1 cubic meter Tail Gate and Bin lifting system. Refuse Compactor is a Solid Waste Handling Equipment. It compacts garbage from Door to Door Collection, Hopper, Tipper and transports it to landfill site. Other Solid Waste Handling Equipment includes Hook Loader, Stationary Compactor, Skip Loader / Dumper Placer.
Road Sweepers Tractor Trailed Can be attached to any 35 HP Tractor. Sweeping span 2200 mm. Can sweep about 3 to 4 km/hour. Can sweep sand, dirt, stone, plastic paper etc. Ride On 1st of its kind on Indian Roads, very compact, user friendly, and can enter narrow lanes / by lanes. Available with Gutter Brush & water sprinkling system. Sweeping width 1200 mm & Speed 3 to 4 km/hour. No need of tractor. It is self propelled and equipped with diesel engine.
Maniar is the leading name in Solid Waste Handling Equipments, Liquid Waste Handling Equipments and Cranes. Maniar is also the largest manufacturer of Aerial Work Platforms in India. The Photo below is the photo of a Truck Mounted Knuckle Boom Crane. Please find the list below of or range of Products. 1) Solid Waste Handling Equipments > Garbage Tipper > Garbage Hopper ( High Rise Tipper) > Dumper Placer/ Skip Lifter/ Container Carrier > Garbage Compactor 2) Liquid Waste Handling Equipment > High Pressure Jetting Machine > Suction Machine > High Pressure Jetting cum Suction Machine > Super Sucker > Manhole D'silting Machine > Nalah Cleaning Machine 3) Aerial Work Platform/ Sky Lift/ Sky Man/ Cherry Picker/ Hydraulic Access Platform/ Boom Lift/ Scissor Lift > Articulated Aerial Work Platform > Telescopic Aerial Work Platform > Articulated cum Telescopic Aerial Work Platform > Self Propelled Aerial Work Platform ( Scissor Lift/ Boom Lift/ Spider) 4) Cranes > Knuckle Boom Cranes > Straight Boom Cranes > Pick and Carry Crane 6) Road Sweeping Equipments > Manual Sweeper > Tractor driven Sweeper > Mechanical Sweeper with side broom > Mechanical Sweeper with high rise dumping system > Truck Mounted Sweeper 5) Miscellaneous Equipments > Tail Lift > Water Sprinkler For further information please visit our website email us @ follow us on facebook
Our Road Sweeping Equipments : Manual Sweeper Tractor Driven Sweeper Mechanical Sweeper with Side Broom Mechanical Sweeper With high rise dumping system Truck mounted sweeper
High rise garbage tipper / hopper developed on mini pick-up vehicle. The garbage is collected to door to door with help of this vehicle. The collected garbage is then emptied m into a larger vehicle or a container. The complete system works on hydraulic with control inside the cabin or placed at a convenience of the operator. The drive for the hydraulic is taken from the vehicle's engine and designed as per RTO rules.